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Salute to Service

Marking a Veterans Day on the Village Green, speakers praised the service of members of America’s military forces who defend the nation on land, sea, in the air — and now, in space.

Key Biscayne Mayor Mike Davey was the featured speaker, who spoke of the sacrifice of both retired and active service members have made, saying they set an example of service that should be emulated. A crowd of about 80 attended the ceremony, which also drew a few passers-by to pause and reflect.

Mayor Mike Davey speaks at service marking Veterans Day, Thurs. Nov. 11, 2021. The mayor praised the service of U.S. service members, and said their example should be followed by positive civic engangement. “Democracy is fragile,” the mayor said. (KBI Photo/Tony Winton)

“Democracy is fragile,” the mayor said, saying it needs active involvement. The mayor read from a portion of the Gettysburg Addresss:

“The world will little note, nor long remember, what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here.”


Tony Winton is the editor-in-chief of the Key Biscayne Independent and president of Miami Fourth Estate, Inc. He worked previously at The Associated Press for three decades winning multiple Edward R. Murrow awards. He was president of the News Media Guild, a journalism union, for 10 years. Born in Chicago, he is a graduate of Columbia University. His interests are photography and technology, sailing, cooking, and science fiction.

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