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Miami-Dade County Commissioner Eileen Higgins says privatization of the Rickenbacker Causeway was misunderstood and said Friday it deserves another look by county government.

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Appearing on the Anti-Social radio and podcast program, Higgins said the Commission terminated the bidding process for the Causeway too early.

“I actually was very disappointed that we didn’t wait for those proposals to come back,” she said, saying that her review of some of the ideas submitted showed it was worth considering.

“I got to see them. And I saw one of them. And wow, there was some really good ideas in there that might have really good for Key Biscayners, and might have been worth the discussion.”

In January the County Commission unanimously axed the RFP process in the wake of opposition from the Key Biscayne Village Council. The process began when the Plan Z Consortium submitted an “unsolicited proposal” for a private-public partnership, or “P3.”

The Village is developing its own set of ideas for a Causeway redesign.

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