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Two candidates for Village Council said they support increasing the debt cap to help fund an estimated $250 million in projects to combat sea level rise on the barrier island of Key Biscayne. Voters are being asked to amend the village’s charter to allow for greater borrowing.

Oscar Sardiñas and Nicolas Lopez-Jenkins made the comments on the Anti-Social program this week in separate interviews. Both are political newcomers, although Sardiñas ran for council unsuccessfully in 2020.

“There are very few municipalities if any, that run on such a low debt cap,” Sardiñas said. “It’s a wise decision to make to prepare ourselves very similar to the message we sent with the G.O bond to the world that we are serious that we want to make an investment on our home.”

“I am in support of that,” said Lopez-Jenkins. “It gives a positive sign that people that want to partner with you.”

Listen to the full interviews below. All candidates have been invited to appear — listeners can make sure they are notified by subscribing to the podcast with the app of their choice.

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