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11% of Key Biscayne has already voted with 2 weeks to go

About 11% of Key Bicayne’s registered voters have already cast ballots with just two weeks to go before Election Day, where a hotly contested mayoral race and several ballot questions are adding to the mix of state and federal offices. Early voting started Monday. Countywide, turnout was about 8%. 

According to the Miami-Dade Elections Department, 28% of 3,044 mail ballots had been  returned by Monday morning. 

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The voting activity could be pointing to a strong turnout, a potential repeat of the August primary, where a record 38% of registered voters in Key Biscayne cast ballots –almost double the county rate. Other indicators of high engagement: 81% of people aged 18 and above are registered, and both mail ballot requests and voter registrations are up slightly from the summer. A strong turnout would also align with the most recent midterm election, where 67% of Key Biscayners voted, compared to a county average of 54%. 

The high activity, of course, means that campaigns have to adjust messages and outreach with a smaller and smaller pool of voters each day. 

Nationally, several election experts are projecting high voter turnout, but whether it will top record-setting amounts in previous years is unknown.

In Key Biscayne, the electorate looks like this for 2022:

Hispanic 4,542
Other 682
Sex Unspecified350
Age 18-251,028
Age 26-30541
Age 31-35419
Age 36-40412
Age 41-45539
Age 46-50793
Age 51-55853
Age 56-60773
Age 61-65697
Age 66-and up2,118
No Party Affiliation3,460
Other Parties124
Election ‘book closing’ data for Precinct 51.
Source: Miami-Dade Elections Dept.

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