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E-bikes, scooters and policing with Chief Frank Sousa

Key Biscayne officers are planning to ramp up enforcement of existing rules on electric bikes and scooters this month, pending approval by the Village Council, according to Police Chief Frank Sousa. He detailed his comments on the Anti-Social podcast.

Phase one will be banning scooters and e-bikes from the Village Green, while the council considers more wide-ranging legislative changes. Some depend on changes to Florida law covering the motorized devices

“If you are on a motorized scooter or an electric bike and it is not human propelled, you cannot do it anywhere on the pathway, the walkway, you basically have to disembark and walk it to where you’re going,” Sousa said.

“And we’re working on infrastructure solutions with the manager. You have to follow all the equipment rules, which is wearing a helmet, a light on at night inaudible device if you’re passing someone, and none of these devices are going to be allowed on the athletic fields in the turf. We want to protect the fields that the taxpayers pay for their children to play on”

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