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Government shutdown? Poor, children, elderly to be hit hardest

If the federal government shutdown happens, millions of federal employees will be furloughed and many others will be forced to work without pay until it ends. A handful of federal programs that people nationwide rely on everyday could also be disrupted — from dwindling funds for food assistance to potential delays in customer service for recipients of Medicare and Social Security. The ripple effects would come down to how long a shutdown lasts and the varying contingency plans among impacted agencies.

Biden joins picket line, first for U.S. president

Labor historians say they cannot recall an instance when a sitting president has joined an ongoing strike,

Deal would end writers strike, but no deal yet for actors

But as writers prepare to potentially crack open their laptops again, it's far from back to business as usual in Hollywood, as talks have not yet resumed between studios and the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. Crew members left with no work by the stoppage will remain unemployed for now.

Auto strike is test for Biden’s goals on labor, climate

"The president is in a really tough position," said Erik Gordon, a professor at the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business. "What he needs to be the most pro-labor president ever and the greenest president ever is a magic wand."


Without Lionel Messi, Inter Miami loses 2-1 to Houston in US Open Cup final

Lionel Messi was not on Inter Miami’s roster for the U.S. Open Cup final against Houston on Wednesday night, marking the fourth match for club and country that he’s missed in recent weeks while dealing with some sort of leg issue. It’s unclear if Messi will continue to be sidelined with Inter Miami resumes its push to make Major League Soccer’s playoffs this weekend. Without Messi, Inter Miami struggled and lost the title match 2-1. NBA star James Harden is part of the Houston club's ownership group and was at the match to see his team win the trophy.

Inter Miami ties Orlando, 1-1

Inter Miami (9-15-5) played without Lionel Messi, who was held out because of muscle fatigue. Messi missed a Sept. 16 match against Atlanta United for the same reason.


After arrest of man with AK-47, Key Biscayne can’t ignore gun threat

Last month, a man came into a Key Biscayne restaurant with an AK-47 and threatened the shop owner before being arrested.  Unfortunately, it was...

Health tip? Try a dose of gardening

Simply viewing plants is enough to aid in mental health by reducing stress, anger, and sadness.


Village Council adopts $41.2 million budget filled with big projects

The Key Biscayne Village Council handed its manager a major victory late Tuesday, passing a $41.2 million budget that tees up capital projects to address flooding, beach renourishment and other resiliency projects. Some last minute trimming slightly softened the tax impact, but non-homesteaded residents will see increases of about 9%, a number driven by a soaring real estate market. Critics had attacked everything from hurricane reserves to nail salon charges, but supporters of the administration praised staff for running a lean government. In the end, Village Manager Steve Williamson advanced a budget filled with capital improvements.

Earp enters not guilty plea in Pita Pockets AK-47 case

The man accused of taking an AK-47 rifle to a Key Biscayne shop and later leading police on a dangerous chase pleaded not guilty Tuesday, and a tentative trial date was set for Dec. 4. 

Budget Bingo: Play along as Council decides spending

The Key Biscayne Village Council will decide the final budget for the next fiscal year on Tuesday night. Why not have some fun and play along with Budget Bingo as the millage rate, spending cuts and services are debated.

Seaquarium moves Li’i – Lolita’s Dolphin companion

Miami Seaquarium announced Monday it transported the longtime dolphin who had been a tankmate companion of the late killer whale Lolita to SeaWorld San...
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