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You don’t need a costume — you just need your imagination!

Pick one of 12 possible costumed characters to play on the radio during a live broadcast. We’ll add the appropriate sound effects to a short question-and-answer script that you will help write. Winner gets $100 gift certificate and a matching donation to a Key Biscayne Charity.

Enter by sending an email to [email protected]
You MUST include your choice of character and basic questions in your submission.


Concept and Rules

PRETEND you are coming in for a 5 minute celebrity interview on the radio program “Anti-Social” in the studio and you will be “dressed” as one of the following characters. For the purposes of this show, you should pretend that your character lives/visits on Key Biscayne (See list)

  1. You will write a simple script in Q-and-A format that Tony and Thom will read live with you on the air. See the sample script below (Don’t worry, they are experienced broadcast pros and will make you feel comfortable)
  2. There will be 3 “required” questions and then 4 or 5 optional additional questions you can come up with on your own
    that fit your character.  This is an option for you to get creative! See the sample script for the required questions.

    Thom and Tony may ask a good natured follow up, though, so have your “tale” down pat.
  3. We will add a “Foley artist” treatment as best we can, based on the script. What is a Foley artist? See this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_tqB4IZvMk
  4. You will be judged on creativity, your ability to paint a radio mental image about your “costume,” wit, and overall style.If you can do accents or voice characterizations, extra points!
  5. Remember, this is LIVE RADIO. Draw inspiration from old fashioned radio plays for ideas. Here is a video on how effects were created for a radio western: https://youtu.be/hZ43UC5tIOY
  6. FAQ 
    1. Can I bring props? Yes! Especially if they make a sound that will enhance your ‘costume.’ Example, Thor’s hammer (clanking sound, can summon thunder and lightning). Darth Vader’s light saber. (We add the buzzing/swooshing). Many of the characters below have signature props.
    2. Do I have to live on Key Biscayne? No. But you have to mention KB in your bit. 
    3. Can I wear a costume if I chose? Up to you. If it gets you into the mood and helps you with your character, by all means or bring a prop. But, it’s radio. What counts is the radio image you can paint in a listener’s imagination. Being descriptive,  inventive, and authentic  about your character and costume is the key. 
    4. Any topics off limits? Profanity (FCC rules) and please, jokes in good taste. But, they can bite a bit and double entendres work really well.
    5. Can I come out of character? At the end of your bit, sure. 
    6. Can I reference current events? Yes, but keep it light and funny. 
    7. When is the show? Saturday, 1PM., M network studio, 14 NE 1st AVE ste 405. Please arrive at 12:15.

Radio Characters Available  (first come, first served)

[We will try to select 2 female, 2 male characters] 

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  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • James Bond/ Bond girl
  • Dr. Evil 
  • Chubby Checker (you have to work in ‘Limbo Rock’)
  • Taylor Swift (you have to work in, “shake it off” )
  • KB Yacht Club Commodore 
  • Any Gilligan’s Island character (you will have to know lyrics really well and you should have watched the ‘President Gilligan’ episode)
  • Thor
  • Wonder Woman
  • KB Cyclist
  • Mashta Bridge fisherman/woman
  • Kermit the Frog 




Based on “Batman” — (film or TV version) 


THOM Who’s our next contestant Tony?
TONY: Why, I believe it’s a caped crusader, Thom 
THOM Holy Cape and Cowl Tony! Look at that! 
TONY: It’s….. the Batman. (Music) 

REQUIRED QUESTION 1 So, tell us about your costume ? [There will always be a costume question. Make sure you know what you are wearing, mentally]
EXAMPLE ANSWER — Well, its black and made of bat-resin to ward off bullets. The legs — are a dark grey special version of stretch fabric, and my mask covers my whole face but it has some bat-ears that are actually special sensitive microphones. 

  • You will definitely get follow ups on this question, because it’s an example of how to paint a mental image
  • — Example Follow up —  Gee, Batman, it looks like you have six pack abs. Or, is that just the costume? 

REQUIRED QUESTION 2: Why did you choose this costume, and what is appealing about being _______________ (this is a great opportunity for jokes)

REQUIRED QUESTION 3: – A question that opens the door to your characters’ life on the island. Example”So, _________, what kind of action do you see on Key Biscayne? Any recent exploits with Island bad guys? 


Thom: “I’m really interested in your cape. Does it serve any purpose? Or, is just cool?Tony: And do you have to iron it, or are wrinkles OK? 

 (Try to come up with a question that we can generate a sound effect for) 


 ANSWER — well, these bracelets — they do more than just look good. Inside each bracelet is a bat-magnet that is so powerful, it can deflect a bullet. 

(SFX – gun shot, ricochet) 

Tony: Wow! Can you do that again?

SFX repeats ….followed by loud THUD!

Thom: Oh No!

Darn the magnet is stuck to the table ! (Sound of furniture scraping ) There, that’s it, free. Still working on the tech. 


TONY:  I’ve heard some pretty strange rumors about the Batcave.

 What do you do there? Is it all work and no play? 


THOM:s that the Batmobile parked outside? 
TONY: Can you give me a ride? 

EXAMPLE QUESTION: If you were voting on KB, how would vote on the Bond? (Answer has to be FUNNY

EXAMPLE QUESTION: So, how’s your love life? We heard about Catwoman. Sorry it didn’t work out. 

EXAMPLE QUESTION. I want to commend you for wearing a mask, Batman. How else do you social-distance, and how is it effecting your crime-fighting?

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