Court ruling on police transparency might only be temporary

In a unanimous ruling welcomed by civil liberties groups, the Florida Supreme Court ruled last week police cannot grant blanket anonymity to alleged crime victims under a victim’s rights provision known as “Marsy’s Law.” 

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What to know about NBA’s in-season tournament

There was no shortage of reasons why the NBA In-Season Tournament was put together. And the benefits are already clear: ratings are up, people are talking about games before Christmas and some…


No way out. A reporter’s take on the Gaza war

Gaza worries me more because it harkens the acceptance of something called “total war,” where targeting of civilian populations is deemed acceptable in the pursuit of victory at all costs.

After arrest of man with AK-47, Key Biscayne can’t ignore gun threat

Last month, a man came into a Key Biscayne restaurant with an AK-47 and threatened the shop owner before being arrested.  Unfortunately, it was only a matter of time before we had a semi-automatic, high-capacity weapon brandished on Key Biscayne. There are already more guns than people in our country – and more than 20…

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