On Tuesday, July 5,  the management of WSQF informed us that it was terminating the live broadcast of Anti-Social after receiving a complaint from the president of the EmeraldBay condominium, Louisa Conway. 

Manny Cambo, the station manager, told us that he feared the station would lose its ability to lease space for the transmitter and antenna because of the content of the July 1 program. The show featured a live interview with Fausto Gomez, a candidate for Key Biscayne mayor. 

While we are saddened by this decision, we hold Mr. Cambo and WSQF in high regard for obtaining a low power FCC license to serve Key Biscayne. He has invested thousands of dollars in the station to put it on the air and keep it broadcasting. His community spirit in establishing this non-commercial station is commendable. 

Mr. Cambo, in a broadcast statement Wednesday, said the Friday episode was “abrasive in manner and caustic towards the candidate and one of his supporters.” 

We disagree. We invite newsmakers on the program and we ask tough questions, and we press for answers. We serve the community and the audience by asking those questions. 

The Anti-Social podcast will continue, and we are looking for other live broadcast partners because we believe strongly in radio and bringing the newsmakers to the audience with incisive questions from differing perspectives.