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FAQ – KBI’s “Giving Wall” 

In January, to keep bringing quality journalism to our community and to expand to new ones in Miami-Dade, we implemented what we call a “giving wall.” We call our donors “members”

Everyone gets 1 free introductory article (per device). After that, users have to pick a plan, either member/donor or free. 

I registered as a subscriber months ago, why can’t I see content? 

During our registration period (Oct-Dec) readers were asked to create an account to get full access during an introductory period with no charge. Starting in January, we began asking subscribers to donate for continued premium content access.  A free access plan is still available, but free subscribers can only access the last 14 days of articles. They will also have to renew their subscription with the free access link every 72 hours. 

What if I gave a donation in 2023? 

As a free gift, all MFE donors were granted member status with free one-year premium access. If you are a donor and still have access issues, please contact us at [email protected].

Why are you doing this? 

Quality journalism costs money to produce on a regular basis. Your donations to Miami Fourth Estate fund the reporters, photographers, and other critical costs needed to run a newsroom. While we do receive generous support from sponsors and other sources, it’s not enough to fund a sustainable newsroom. And we believe that readers who are also stakeholders benefit from having that connection to their own local news organization. 

What are the premium features? 

All premium members get archive access to KBI articles, which are not available on the free plan. In addition, donors are also eligible for premium member-only content that we are planning later in 2024, such as breaking news alerts and limited-access newsletters. Members will be periodically surveyed for input as we plan future coverage and events. Finally, Members who opt for the News Champion level also get to “commission” one story a year — an exciting way to bring attention to a news item you are passionate about. 

Can I pick a custom amount? 

Yes — this is a donation, so the amount you enter is “pay what you want.” The $99 amount is a yearly suggestion that means you won’t have to re-register every few days. Sort of like always having a table ready at a restaurant without waiting in line. 

Are there exceptions? 

Yes — the KBI will make urgent public safety stories, such as hurricane coverage, free of charge to all readers without the need to register. 

Can I give a premium subscription as a gift? 

Absolutely — just click the gift button

Are there group, business, and organization subscriptions? 

Yes — contact oudevelopment team. (Group subscriptions are not considered donations)