The Key Biscayne Independent has received many calls and messages about Megan Andrews. Readers who want to share a memory or a tribute are invited to post them here for inclusion in future reporting.

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  • Jakie Goicolea: Megan Was A Beautiful Sweetheart ❤️ loving Person. In Her Way Megan Will Do. Any. Thing. For. Kids That Need Help In School She’s Angel In Heaven 👼. Miss. Megan. So. Much. Love. You. Megan. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Wendy Wood: I had so many hugs from Megan, that I lost count. That was her kind inner spirt which she shared with everyone whom she met. A good kind soul. 💝.

    Myriam Sitterson: Megan and I met on Key Biscayne 32 years ago when we were both pregnant with our second baby and each had a toddler girl. We became instant friends. She was a soul sister to me, family. We later learned that my maternal grandmother and grandfather were close friends with Frank’s parents in Cuba, and that my uncle was friends with Frank’s brother. Small world.

    Megan was truly the kindest, most loving, caring, and considerate friend one could want. Our children were friends and classmates and we shared their milestones. She used to tell me often how she loved her children more than life itself. In summer, our families would vacation at Cheeca Lodge in Isla Morada together. Megan introduced my family to that special place in the 90s. I have 32 years of incredible memories shared with Megan and her family. She was not only godmother to my 3rd daughter, but showered my 4 daughters with love and the utmost care.

    Megan was not only a devoted mother, grandmother wife, and sister, she poured her heart and soul into the many children she helped as an Educational Specialist. We would run into young adults who she tutored as children, who were still very fond of her, attributed their success to her exemplary abilities to help them. This happened just recently, when she and I celebrated her last birthday, a yearly tradition we never missed. Megan adored her students. Her work was a true vocation. Megan personified love, was deeply spiritual, and infectiously upbeat. Recently, we would joke about growing old together, and laughed at ourselves often. Her beautiful bright light and spirit will be greatly missed, and never forgotten. She touched so many lives.
  • Susi Westfall: Megan, you are still teaching Key Biscayne how to be its best self. How to put aside the nonsensical small stuff to listen and think about problem solving in the midst of the terrible grief we are feeling in the tragedy of your loss. Frank Andrews, your beloved husband, told me yesterday that God was looking for a teacher and he picked you. And it’s you, the one so beloved by so many, a teacher devoted to kids of all ages, whose loss tells us to put childish things aside, put ourselves in your place, to learn what must be done to keep all of us grounded and safe. My thoughts are with your family, this community, the child and his family, and everyone of us you touched. I’m so grateful for having known you.
  • Dolores Urdapilleta: We met Megan four years ago. From that moment until her last day, she helped my daughter gain confidence in herself, study, be responsible, and above all, she set a great example of being a human being. Always cheerful, always with words of gratitude. Thank you Megan for crossing our path. You loved children and helped them in a way that few people can. Thank you, and you will always be in our hearts.
  • Mario Lemus: Every time I went out for a walk with my dog, Judge, Megan was always kind and said hello to both he and I. We would see her biking around the neighborhood often and she always smiled our way. She will be missed.
  • Bill Stephens: Megan was one of the rarest of breeds: she exuded happiness with her contagious smile, empathy, & outstanding listening skills. She represented the best of us on Key Biscayne, the United States, & on Planet Earth. The world will be a much better place if we all embrace these qualities she shared with us.
  • Cindy Dodds: In 1972 my family and I moved to The Towers and were the first residents, relocating from Miami. I knew no one. But, then I knew Megan, she sought me out. We were both teenagers and quickly we became friends. We used to use baby oil and iodine and sun ourselves on the roof deck of The Beach Club knowing one day it would catch up with us. Walking and talking with Megan so long ago made such an impression on me of what beauty from the inside and out was. Later, after we both had families, our younger son, Kyle, was slipping behind in school and his self esteem was very low. This was second grade. We took him to that sweet little school house in the back of Megan and Frank’s home and lovingly, Megan worked with Kyle to catch him up. Kyle knew she was on his side and his anxiety lessened over learning. At times, he would pick flowers to give her. He loved her. She saved him. Kyle and Justin (Megan’s son) were friends and they played on Village athletic teams together, sometimes being coached by my husband. My heart is broken. Why her is what I said and still say, not that anyone else deserves this type of death. But, why her the constant in all of our lives, always uplifting and loving. When we lost our Kyle, Megan would show up with tears and hugs and somehow it made it a bit more livable. I love you Megan.
  • Theodore Holloway: I will miss Megan’s infectious smile and constant positivity. It’s still hard to believe she’s gone. I don’t want to believe it, and yet, here we are. I struggle to think of anyone on the Key who embodied the best of us more than Megan. I feel so bad for the entire Andrews clan, but especially for Frank, Alexandra, Andreas, and their daughter Alivia whose time with her grandmother was ended much too soon.
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