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PODCAST: Seawall Pushback with Mike Davey

SOME KEY BISCAYNE residents are up in arms over a proposal to mandate flood barriers on private property in Key Biscayne.

But the pushback isn’t confined to just seawalls. Some members of council have delayed the next big step in advancing the island’s $250 million dollar plan to fight sea level rise and increase resiliency.

Village Manager Steve Williamson, a former Army Corps of Engineers Colonel, has said the island is already behind schedule on voter-approved measures to combat flooding, protect coastlines, and bury electrical power lines. 

What’s going on? We talk to former Mayor Mike Davey about the new political pushback on resiliency initiatives. 

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A public affairs podcast where where we have a bit of fun while talking about current events and the foibles of social media. Originating from the Island Paradise of Key Biscayne but our topics and guests can be from anywhere.

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