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PODCAST: Being a Ukrainian-American teenage journalist

THIS WEEK, we turn the microphone over to our summer intern at the Key Biscayne Independent about her real-world journalism experience covering big stories.

But ANASTASIA IVANOVA  has a story of her own – her family, refugees from Ukraine, is dealing daily with the ongoing invasion of their country. Her powerful first-person column is about  what it’s like to be a high school student and to deal with surprising attitudes from her Miami classmates. 

Ana also talks about her experiences in journalism and how her social media feed is very different from John and Tony’s. 

Plus the local news of the week including an attempted suicide of Miami’s top cop, Freddy Ramirez. 

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A public affairs podcast where where we have a bit of fun while talking about current events and the foibles of social media. Originating from the Island Paradise of Key Biscayne but our topics and guests can be from anywhere.

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